About Me


  • IIT Kanpur, India
    M.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering (2016)
    Advisor: Prof. Mangal Kothari
    Thesis: Pursuit-Evasion Games of High Speed Evaders

  • IIT Madras, India
    B.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering (2014)

Some hobbies


I enjoy flying, and currently hold the FAA Private Pilot license. This is after my first solo flight on a Cessna 172P at the Peachtree-DeKalb airport (PDK).



During my time in the US, I started exploring the national parks (thanks to Ashwin for the initiation). Here is the map with some photos from my adventures, and a token photo from my most favorite national park, Death valley!



At Georgia Tech, I was a part of the GT marksmanship club which introduced me to the world of guns and shooting. Here is me during my first skeet shooting session and the photo is after one of our trap shooting sessions. Some more fun activities that I enjoy include diving and axe-throwing.